Brainstorm Ideas 1.19.09

-Same exact set of questions given to every person (open to exceptions)

-Lot’s of time and effort needs to be put into these questions (# should be at least 20 and there may need to be a cap)

– Actual editing/path of the movie may or may not fall out from this set of pointed questions.

-Lot’s of different backgrounds (i.e. interview each person in the natural setting (home, work, native city, etc.)

-If possible ask questions to same people in different backgrounds.

-Lot’s of music made by the people interviewed.

-This can be live and or recorded


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1 Response to Brainstorm Ideas 1.19.09

  1. deadondres says:

    I like this. Especially important is #3. The interviews should provide direction but flexibility is key.

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