Although I have always wanted to make something (this blog) like this, I think that I have been unconsciously been influenced by Barack Obama’s messages of hope and brighter days. He has inspired so many to maximize their potential, which will prove to be a greater force to history than any laws he signs or any decisions he makes. Power comes from the bottom up not the top down. It is now our time to wrestle our insecurities and fears to the ground so that we can stand up with strength and pride to say, “the world is better today.”

Watching Obama’s speech yesterday really started to solidify my understanding of just what I think can be and should be humanity’s future. Much of what Obama has reiterated many times over the course of the past year is that the beauty, the essence, the creativity, the ambition, the courage, the curiosity, the drive, and a stubborn unwillingness to yield to force we know to be greater than ourselves is what makes, not just Americans, but all people strong. It is without these unfailing qualities of the human spirit that we fail.

The point is that people will always continue to live their lives no matter how fucked up shit is or gets. However, this does not mean that we are relegated to settling for a mediocre system. If each individual stands up and says, I am going to make things better, the whole will rise in a swell of creativity and inspiration. Through hard work, perseverance, and hope that does not let us yield to challenges and dark days, we, as a unified people, are capable of anything we want.


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  1. deadondres says:

    That’s why I liked him in the first place! He understands the importance of words and compromise.

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