At first this sounds like a stupid question, but it really has a lot of complexity to it.

Why do objects stay where they are? You always find your bed in the same spot when you come back from work everyday? Why doesn’t it move? How is there such a consistency to the world?


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  4. jroeder90007 says:

    Just a thought, but isn’t your perspective a little narrow? Everyday that you get home from work, your bed is vastly different. The wood has rotted just a little bit more, and at an atomic level, entire neighborhoods are being leveled and rebuilt into something different and more compact. Your vision just doesn’t allow you to see it happen, but it is still happening none the less.

    Over a long enough time your bed will collapse under its own weight and slowly disintegrate into star dust. That’s the process of the universe. Atoms constantly being rebuilt into something new, turned into star dust, rejoined with the star, and turned into stardust again. It just depends on your perspective. In my opinion, everything changes except for the fact that everything changes.

    • activephilosophy says:

      That is a very good point, but is actually still consistent with what I was trying to express with this post.

      The point is that although there changes to the wood structure of my bed. It is still in the same place when I left it there. At least on the timescale of human life and existence there is has just be certain constants that are always there (eg. Gravity has always pointed down). The point of the post is that they are easily taken for granted.

      It’s quite spectacular that a dog can bury a bone and find it later, because it remains in the same spot that it buried it.

      That’s what I was trying to say.

  5. deadondres says:

    You guys make great points.

    Similar to a dog burying a bone – I am amazed at our memory. You can scout out a room and the arrangement of the furniture, turn out the lights, and be confident that you can guide yourself through the room based on memory.

    Otherwise we would be fumbling around in the dark.

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