I think that dreams are also an important human quality to study.  They form the bridge between our conscious and unconscious minds, whose separation is very blurred (if one even exists at all).  I was inspired to write the post after watching this short film on youtube.

In this video the world of this person flashes by in various images and actions.  Although none these things happen, her brain somewhat runs a test trial on them and sees just how things would pan out if they did happen.

The reality we create in the dream world is very interesting. On one hand it is always seems more random and less structured than “real” life.  And on the other hand, everything in a dream has some time of corollary in the conscious life. In a sense dreams are the most personal thing somebody can have, because they are a direct result ones experiences, thoughts, views, perceptions, day-to-day realities, and most importantly cannot be replicated by any one else.

When you’re asleep do you create a reality or do you just rebuild your own reality?


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2 Responses to Dreams

  1. deadondres says:

    Good song!

    Do you know who does it?

    We need more music on this site…

    Dreams are really beyond my scope except I think they are cool.

    I have really only one dream usually that I remember, it is a variation on the same thing:

    At some point I taught myself to fly (inspired by Waking Life and my friend’s little brother who did the same). So now I am always flying around and I have like really important tasks to accomplish but I am also trying to avoid capture so I can keep doing my job…there is this severe anxiousness throughout. I am pretty much Mighty Mouse trying to save the day but I never really get there. It is a kind of dark, austere, discouraging setting but at the same time I am driven by the same hope that drags me through life each day.

    Maybe we should also do a Dream tab where people can describe dreams they’ve experienced. That would be really cool in the movie too.

  2. billythekid says:

    There have been days I’ve traveled through where i didn’t feel anything as real as i did the night before while i was dreaming.

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