Thank You Hippies

“The two candidates in the Democratic primary were a woman and an African-American. That too was historic. It would have been unimaginable forty years ago. The fact that the country has become civilized enough to accept this outcome is a considerable tribute to the activism of the 1960s and its aftermath. ”

This is a quote from Chomsky, who I am clearly enamored with.  In an article he briefly mentions a point that I have been trying to convince many others of: namely, if not for the sacrifice, idealism, and dedication of all those kids (and kids-at-heart) in the 60’s our world would still be a pretty bleak place.

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  1. activephilosophy says:

    The peace and freedom of the movement is very similar to what we are advocating. I am trying to develop a definition for “Uptopia” (however, I think it is fundamentally impossible to form a traditional Utopia), or even a definition for the “ideal” human condition and it is very difficult.

    I think that some of the most important elements are:

    sustainability/equilibrium with environment, nourishment/health, freedom to express creativity, ample interaction between constituents, highly dynamic and effective education systems, freedom and encouragement to question reality/authority.

    This is just a few ideas… but I think it is important to define a goal in some sense, but like the constituent the definition needs to be flexible to accommodate diversity.

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