This movie needs to break all conventions.  Question everything.

We want to control the conversation.  We want to control the debate.

Why should we have to answer in their terms?  We expect answers in our terms.  We want to control the questions.

Is it possible to do this without being in-your-face, or vindictive?  That is where many brave projects fail.  Pure hubris.  Because we are close to something, we will fail if we gloat (this is a basic truth as evidenced by Shakespeare).  Even – is claiming to be “close to something” gloating?  Is it possible to tell someone that you know more than they do?  Or moral?  Or even decent?

Examples of how we break conventions (The tough part is in the execution, see above):

Examining “bad” or inappropriate words.  A litany of bitch fuck cunt chink jap kike whitey nigger slut whore asshole spic punk fag fairy wetback shit slut cracker homo (the Mozilla spell check doesn’t like jap for some reason but everything else flies).  Don’t stray away from the fact that they overly emphasize women and homosexuals.  And question whether cracker is as bad as nigger.  Or something else.

How we all just fucked around at school and cheated and blew shit off and lied and got rewarded for it.

Mention that the Beatles never license their songs for movies, you will never hear a Beatles song in a movie and then play “Happyness is a Warm Gun.”

Talk about how fucking miserable work is.

Talk about how dishonest everyone is with their own feelings and emotions.

Talk about how insane it is that there are 9 billion people in this world walking around talking on their cellphone and having sex and making more people doing the same.

Talk about the Nazi’s, and really question the differences.

How totally fucked we will be if global warming really happens and we are hoping for a best case scenario that kind of negates most scientific research that suggests we are already pretty much past the tipping point.  And then say fuck you to everyone that hates on people concerned with the environment.  Why is that considered weak?

Talk about how we all pretty much wear the same clothes.

How hard it is to slow things down and hold on to a semblance of reality when you begin questioning everything, that tickle of insanity.

Issue an open challenge to institutions and centers of power.  Issue an open challenge to humanity.  Or say –  fuck humanity.  Maybe that’s the problem.  I want something more.

Talk about how poisoned we are by advertisements.

Deliver a haymaker for drug users everywhere.

Talk about howww weeeeird itt iz thate wii R’supposd to SPELLL RIRIRIGHTTENTJEWNJKG.  And NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS?  AND USE SIX PERIODS,,,AND THREE COMAS……Or say the word say in say a sentence too many times say.


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4 Responses to Bravery

  1. Jake Roeder says:

    I’m a triangle
    A world of circles and squares
    Envelops my life

  2. Jake Roeder says:

    I’ve decided for once and final that anything that is worth taking is usually waiting for someone to take it. And for the first time in my life, I stopped and asked, “why is this opportunity sitting out waiting for someone to take it.” Quickly I realised that opportunities are nothing more than well baited hooks waiting for a well baited (educated) sucker to grab ahold.

    What this world is really waiting for, is a man BRAVE enough, and BALLZY enough to CREATE his own opportunities. Very rarely does one realise the dream of creating a niche. Andrew Carnegie was one of the few and opportune to see a niche and create it before the PEOPLE’S eyes. Money has very little to do with what I’m talking about too. What I offer is simply information, knowledge, and experience. I don’t offer financial strategies or money market futures.
    A long time saying goes, “to thine own self be true” (Shakespeare) and I try to run my life by these words. Nothing more can be true. The only thing we have in this life is me. But in balance, we must realise that we live in a world of others and the only fair and honest type of character is “true character.” That is to say, confidence and strength in self will raise one above the pack. Easily. And if the world abided by the same principles, utopia would be a slum.
    I often think about how so many can sink while my dense body is so built for buoyancy and I float in the lightest of conditions. But quickly I remember, that I have spent the better part of ten years building a foundation of honesty, integrity, character, confidence, and strength that wouldn’t sway even under the harshest of storms. And too this should be the model for all of the world. Believe me when I say, honesty and truth is always the path of least resistance.

  3. deadondres says:

    I have been thinking more about this. I think it is easy to break conventions, but any old TV show can do this.

    It is to break conventions with purpose and explanation that has worth for our project.

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