Did You Know?

A stimulating video.  I want to make these facts feel real; movies are a manner of “knowing/processing” things in real time.  In other words, we know for example certain events, as an example I will use torture, but watching a film makes it much more real.  It is a bit like theater in that we are forced to watch events play out.  Interestingly many early revolutionaries saw the stage as the ultimate form of rebellious expression (although others, such as Augusto Boal, proposed that modern theater was as an oppressive Western concept).  Wonder what they would think about movies?

This movie asks us to draw the conclusions, which is the hard part.  We are already inundated with facts (however cool/intimidating they can be).  I think what needs to be addressed are the ethics, and the potential, of a new cyber world.  I think Asimov might be a good place to look.

One cool thing about these “Did You Know” videos is if you search for other versions it seems that it is a pro-peace movement. I hope our video can be similar but more slowed down, almost in reaction, less for the “microwave generation” (millennials, all credit to B.Will on that one) and more permanent.

Internet as petri dish for transformation.

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