Garbage Economics

We currently live in a world of thieves and crooks. Those that have, have a lot, and those that don’t, have nothing. The disparaging gap between the Have’s and the HaveNot’s is growing much too fast. As one of the few people still in this waning middle class, and on my way up to the join the Have’s, I wonder whether capitalism is serving the world or is the world serving capitalism.

Actually, capitalism has become a very moot point in my mind. As someone that doesn’t believe in it, I see it on its way out.

In what world can senseless destruction fuel an economy–this one. Actually, riots occurring in patches all over the world are bring about excellent economic stimuli. How is this fair? Why should the people that burn their neighbors’ houses be rewarded by the government with a job to build new houses (and a new house for themselves as well)? Do people not understand that the resources of the world are very limited? The more resources we consume, the less we have for our future generations.

When you throw something away it becomes waste. Pretty basic. But what no one understands is that one day there will be nothing to throw away. Sadly enough, landfills have become a treasure trove of resources. Future entrepreneurs will be sifting through garbage for profits. And still this makes very little sense. Can’t we simply cut out the middle man and conserve what we have and eliminate the landfill treasures all together?

Yeah. Easier said than done. So where do we start? Few people realise this, but vehicle waste and electronic waste are the two biggest forms of waste on America.

Cars – don’t send your car to the crusher. Don’t send it to the junk yard. Donate your car to a foundation that will fix it and give it to a needing family. By doing this your vehicle is reused in its entirety and it is given to a home that will extend the life of that vehicle and NOT turn it into trash.

Electronics – I’ll bet you can guess what I’m going to put here. Don’t throw away your unusable electronics!!!! This is the single largest form of pollution in the country. Make a trash can and consolidate your old unusable electronics until you have enough to make a worthwhile trip to an electronics recycler.

The path to sustainability is a long one. We have senselessly created an economy of trash and the absolute antithesis of sustainability. Everyone must do their part but it must begin somewhere.

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  1. deadondres says:

    This reminds that despite all inquiry this is still our world and real world efforts and compromise must occur. Perhaps that is how you proceed once you (think) you’ve got it all figured out.

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