The Meaning of Life For Dogs

As living thinking organisms dogs have some organized worldview , a way of interperting the phenomena around them and their relation to it that we could call a philosophy.

I imagine the meaning of life to a dog is pretty much to be a dog.  Is the meaning of life for a human to be a human?

Or perhaps dogs have more complex ideas and thoughts.  They have their own existential crisis.  To howl or not to howl?


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5 Responses to The Meaning of Life For Dogs

  1. billythekid says:


  2. activephilosophy says:

    I think that being a human is what life is the meaning of life. Albeit that “being a human” is a very ill defined notion, I think that it encompasses all of them most important aspects of life: participation in complex social structures, taking time ponder the universe and existence, understanding your role in the ecosystem of earth, day-to-day attitudes, instinct to survive.

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  4. lemon juice says:

    Do dogs or for that matter humas need complex thoughts and ideas to give their life meaning? I think everyone should figure out for themselves what their own meaning of life is. But looking at a little larger scale, everything that exists has a meaning and a specific purpose in the universe. Even by observing or simply existing we change reality. We change it in ways we can’t possibly comprehend. Those are the basic laws of physics. For example by wearing a white sweater instead of blue today, what lifes have I affected? What decisions have I made differently? None? Can I say that with 100% certainity? Could anyone?

  5. deadondres says:

    Hi Lemon Juice, thank you for your comments. They have provided some good food for thought.

    One place where I agree is no one can be 100% certain of anything, but it is always important to keep in mind the harmony implicit in organism-environment.

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