Ok…just thought of this one. A recommendation for spending a bit of the stimulus to expand government in a positive way, to create jobs, and to help people.

Government needs to get with the Web 2.0 Generation.  Obama’s campaign and ideas for transparency are a great start.

They should create a site such as the one mentioned in the title that you can input county, city, state, and any other municipalities, and be provided with not only links to other government sites but also a concise organizations of pertinent laws.  It would create bureaucracy (I hate how politicians decry pork and rampant bureaucracy – one of the few times both Democrats and Republicans stood up together during the address to congress – but support war…the most disconnected bureaucratic consequence of authoritarian big government – and Obama is as guilty as anyone…sending a bunch of troops to Afghanistan he has shown he is not afraid to command young people to kill/get killed by the “other” for political reasons) , but if done right it could really provide answers for situations such as – I’m talking about the website here now…:

Being accused of a crime/foreclosures/credit card debt/divorce/zoning laws etc. etc.

Does something like this already exist?

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