Century of the Self

I just watched this whole series and I think I need to rewatch it. It offers a very interesting account of institutions, American history, psychology, capitalism, advertising, government, identity, cooperations, public relations, the public, mob mentality, World Wars, Hitler, Sigmund and Anna Freud, and many more really cool topics, and what’s awesome about it is that it relates it all back to you. It’s well made and takes a very good approach to the story/documentary.

It actually got me back thinking about that whole documentary thing. I can’t figure out how to embed the google video and youtube’s versions chop it up into pieces so I’ll just link the four parts below.

Century of the Self Part 1

Century of the Self Part 2

Century of the Self Part 3

Century of the Self Part 4


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5 Responses to Century of the Self

  1. deadondres says:

    That is some long ish I guess I’ll be back with a comment in a few days haha

  2. activephilosophy says:

    Yeah, maybe I should explicitly say that it the whole series if 4 horus long. But its pretty sick because they more or less cover 25 years/hour. I watched them all one day on ‘my day off.’ Anyway there is a lot of cool/relevent shit in there… especially on institutions and how they use psychology, which I think is a very powerful tool that can be used both ways…

    Anyway… I’m feeling good right now, so I might not post for a couple of days.

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