I haven’t posted anything in awhile and have a lot to say, but I want to be concise.

“The meaning of life is to live… All I know is that it gives me comfort,” is line from a previous post that I want to develop further.

I want to modify this quote to, “The meaning of life is to live and then die”

“Life is journey not a destination.”

Your life is essential component of the human destiny, the journey of the human experience. Your instinctive duty (your purpose) is to connect the generation before you to the one after you, to pass on the lessons of your generation, to aspire that the next generation will live just a bit better.


In every instance of life there is single basic chain of life that makes it continue (seemingly) indefinitely.

Energy from Sun—>Birth—>Death (food)—>Growth (reproduction)—>Birth—>Death

As long as there is energy provided by the sun, the earth has plenty of life and energy to support this process for millions of species.

It is very interesting to notice that quite literally, “the number one cause of death is life.”

The “journey of life” is traversing the chain of life as a human, there is no end to it, you just continue it. You may die but the process doesn’t and you helped keep it afloat. Life is not a destination that involves an end, it is a cycle in which the “beginning” and “end” really don’t exist.

In order for life to continue one must be born.
In order for life to continue one must die.

Or as Buddha says in his conversation with Kutadanta

There is rebirth of character,
but no transmigration of a self.
Your thought-forms reappear,
but there is no ego-entity transferred.
The stanza uttered by a teacher
is reborn in the student who repeats the words.

We personally do not continue the process of life, but the process of life continues with a small notch of “progress” made by individuals.

Each does not complete the task, but together the task is completed.

The experience of living in the cycle of life give each species it’s “spirit” a will to live. As humans are the product of millions and millions cycles of life (evolution) our “spirit” has become resilient. This resilience has given humans an “unwillingness” to give up. We will reach the top and once we get to the top, we will make the top higher and then we will try to get to the top again.

Thus in order to help humanity achieve greatness, we must promote the idea that we, together, can make things better even if it takes us generations to do.

We inch away at progress, but the human spirit, the little voice that says, “well if I just keep on doing it I will make progress,” is too strong. It does not matter how slowly progress happens, because progress means that tomorrow you’ll be a closer than you were yesterday.

This speed of progress can be discouraging if viewed as and end and not a means of life. No human will ever reach a “finish line” or an “end.” In a certain respect our condition will always largely be the same, we want to make progress. Thus anything that you do right now is just as important to what somebody else did at another time, all progress is necessary for its time and place.

The goals, dreams, and aspirations of the human spirit have set the course for human destiny. We will continue to try and achieve our dreams and each generation, each person, will play a role (positive or negative) in this endeavor.

Which dreams we chase and how we chase them are the two most important things to consider


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3 Responses to Process

  1. kellyamareta says:

    awesome story!
    Much food for thought…
    It really made my day.
    Thank you.

  2. deadondres says:

    “Quelle est votre plus grand ambition dans la vie?”

    “Devenir immortal, et puis mourir.”


    “What is your biggest ambition in life?”

    “Become immortal, and then die.”

    From Goddard’s À Bout de Souffle

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