More Hatred

Now this is an infuriating article.

Atheists: No God, no reason, just whining.

This woman is blind to how her generalizations and accusations amount to pure hypocrisy in the brief span of an article.

She thinks that being a complete dick is somehow convincing.

Most religious texts I have read say to not judge or worry overly about what the next guy is thinking but Charlotte Allen doesn’t strike me as spiritually strong at all.

At the same time she crudely highlights where I think atheists could be more convincing and effective (“atheists’ frenzied fascination with Christianity and the Bible”).  Let’s take atheism to the next level where and put these charlatans out of business.  Let’s display true spiritual strength!  Forget the Bible anyway.

The modern revolution is To Take.  Let’s take their terminology (God, morals, holiness), and use it for ourselves.

It is time for a mindset which makes organized religion and its mass-groupthink obsolete.

Active philosophy!

I really want to get Eagleton’s book though he and I are totally on the same tip.

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