Free! Movie

Just got my camera in yesterday.  Filming will commence as soon as I read the owner’s manual…

The enigma is not the meaning of life, but how to proceed once you (think you) know what it is.

I will be posting with a vengeance – documenting the process.  The last couple weeks were a tranquil emergence of a bud, verging on bloom.

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3 Responses to Free! Movie

  1. activephilosophy says:

    I think, at least initially, the movie should be filmed a lot like the blog. Don’t try to get the perfect shot everytime… just get lots of footage and then boil it down to the sweet, gravy… goodness.

    P.S. How is Ruiodoso in NM this time of year?

  2. deadondres says:

    I really like that – but should there be a script or something? I think I absolutely need to write a one page summation or something to get everything rolling. Or not?

    Ruiodoso is as beautiful as ever, can’t wait to go back pretty soon actually!

    • activephilosophy says:

      I think that the only real thing that I am trying to say is that there is absolutely no reason to rush this project. I say this, because, in my opinion I still think that it is in its beginning stages. It’s still/almost too soon for a script and a cohesive plan for filming. Just like this blog I think that shooting random and/or related stuff will help build the muscles for the technical aspects of the project while giving insight into the goals. It will be very interesting to see how people are on camera, because it does change things and learning how to be candid (or not candid at all and everything in between) with the filming is going to take some practice.

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