Wage Wars

Will you work for $6.00 an hour? I know plenty of people that will, but they’re  not legal. And I’ll venture to say that I can find thousands overseas to work for a tiny fraction of that. In Saudi Arabia, you can get a live-in house maid for $80 a month. No wonder I can’t find a job right now. I’m competing with people that are willing to work for half of my wage. As we live in an international arena now, jobs are completely mobile now. Houdini style: now you see ’em, now you don’t. That’s why there’s basically only the service sector left in America. They were the only jobs that COULDN’T be shipped overseas, and even those jobs are being furiously fought for right now.

Anymore, you can’t go anywhere without seeing illegals working. Do you really think they make minimum wage? Not even. Even professionals are competing against immigrants willing to work for significantly less pay. I’m not xenophobic, but I also want a decent paying engineering job so that I can afford to pay back my student loans that I so willingly accepted because I was guaranteed that a college education paid better. What good is a guarantee, if I can’t find a job? And once I do, will I even be able to pay all my bills and have anything left over at the end of the month? Doubtful. What’s a guy to do?

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