Bad Philosophy

Leaving in six hours…

A thought – I love philosophy, when applying notions to everyday life.

But when it comes to professional discourse, the actual field itself – those prolix and extraneous terms and labels get wearisome, and stray too far from the emphasis.

It seems that people know everything about philosophy except for its utility.

This is not the only purpose it could have – instead it is used to fetishize knowledge.

The academics engender predatory capitalism and thought-control as much as any other.

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2 Responses to Bad Philosophy

  1. pochp says:

    I totally agree.
    These elitist academic philosophers are just sickening.

  2. April Kline says:

    I do agree, alot of authors I read who try to explain a philosophy get more consentrated on the art of language rather than actually proving a point. Sometimes a whole essay can be summed up in simple quote and have the same meaning.

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