Why Obama Matters

Egypt and global Islam – The battle for a religion’s heart

I normally hate The Economist for its condescending, pro-capitalist slant – even this article shows the lengths that this publication is willing to go to present the “other” as bereft of morality or common sense or ethical government (these charges are never leveled at the West as a whole, it is much easier to wag our finger at the poor nations of the world).


That said, there was one point made in this article that caught my eye.

“If ultraradicals are in retreat, and bold moderates are finding their voice, that reflects several converging factors. There is a fading of the anxiety, which reached a peak under the Bush administration, that Islam itself was the target of a concerted Western campaign. Barack Obama’s outreach to Muslims, and America’s intent to withdraw from Iraq, have reduced the pressure on clerics to posture as tough defenders of the faith who excuse jihadism.”

What this says to me is that American voters did far more for world peace – and most importantly the so-called “divide between Islam and the West” – by electing a conciliatory cosmopolitan leader than Bush’s bombs and troops ever could have.

As for the article itself, I agree in spirit.  But there are far too many cases where free speech is suppressed in the first world too – simply by being shut-out and shut-up by large pools of capital.

But The Economist would never admit that.

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1 Response to Why Obama Matters

  1. activephilosophy says:

    It’s a couple steps forward, a couple sideways, a couple back, none at all, a spin in place a move backward and then a move or two forward to make progress.

    As we 2009’ers would love to say that we are more advanced, we really are just part of a trajectory a small secant to the curve (so small it might as well be a tangent). The overall value isn’t that important but the slope is.

    We can’t hope to finish ‘fixing’ humanity, we can only hope to push it in the right direction, it’s not to bad to to think of as the point of being alive.

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