Floating Bubbles

We float with little sense of boundaries.

I feel like this doubt is not acknowledged or appreciated enough in day-to-day life. 

Convention dictates certainty in the most bizarre places…what we know is very confusing. 

Even in quantum mechanics – existence at its most atomic known level – uncertainty is a basic truth.

How science works is less interesting than that it works at all.

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3 Responses to Floating

  1. activephilosophy says:

    Somebody recently described their life like a small section of a whip that was being swung and whipped around. There was no sense of up, down, left, or right. Everything was unpredictable and the ground and ceiling are just too far away.

    I agree that we do not appreciate this enough. In fact I think we institutionally ignore this fact. It such common place to consider our reality as somehow “fixed” and is actually a “requirement” of being “sane.” Letting go of your boundaries is absolute reference seems like it has to be a step toward enlightenment.

    ‘You don’t know you’re wearing a leash if you sit by the peg all day.’

  2. Andrey Oreshkov says:

    I have to agree with the comment: “You don’t know you’re wearing a leash if you sit by the peg all day.” You can’t find, figure out anything, or go forward in life by just doing nothing. You have to start, then to continue, and unfortunately your road will end, but you will have accomplished a lot during your life, but you can’t by doing nothing.

  3. deadondres says:

    Thanks Andrey, I absolutely agree. One cannot be paralyzed by fear of the unknown.

    There will always be difficulties in life – but we cannot allow these to enervate our spirit or curiosity.

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