So recently, I was talking about the notion of the Big Bang and the timeline of the universe with deadondres and we came to a discussion on the difference between and religious creation myth and the (scientific) big bang theory. Although the two do have many similarities, I feel like an important distinction needs to be made between the two.

First off, I wanted to decompose the word universe. It is Uni (one) Verse (story). In other words, it’s the one story that describes our existence. This from a scientific and mythological standpoint is basically the same thing. However, outside of the science community, I feel that the word can me be misinterpreted to be something absolute (as most of science is perceived to be).

However, in science, the word universe is not meant to carry so much importance. In reality we just use the term universe to describe what we observe to be a closed system. It is not particularly special in one way or another, it is just what it is. The word universe is used in science more for historical reasons than anything else.


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