The purpose of life is to live. 

I cannot remember a beginning – it is as though I’ve been here eternally.

I fear death because I cannot comprehend eternity ending.

We are time, fearful of itself.


We are surrounded by others and feel no connection to them.  Thanks to technology we can contact potentially any other given member of our species.  Both would have to play out their role.  Strangely, out of billions of potential interactions, we manage to make friends.  Friends that we are able to locate in a sea of otherwise anonymous people.  Following one scent out of a million in the catacombs of the anthill. 

The insect is analagous to the human.  Human beings seem to race in the same frenzied manner as a hive, insatiable, irrational.  We operate to the point of destruction. 

It makes you want to grab someone.

Do you realize we are ALIVE?!!!

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