Poetry and Religion

So I was reading reddit.com and a user submitted a photograph of the following religious peom with the title, “Sigh…this was posted on a hallway whiteboard in my office the other day.”

“Almighty God, of majesty high

walked on this earth, and came to die

Bore on his back the weight of our sin

Beaten and bruised, the savior of men

Such love as this, I cannot tell!

He gave me hope, released me from hell

Holy Redeemer, loveth my soul

By his stripes healed, in His blood made whole.”

Then a commenter (luckynumbertwo) on the poem wrote and ‘atheist’ rebuttal:

If by chance You should exist

And pass to me a stone-etched list

Of rules and laws I must abide,

“Then I must cast them all aside.

What fair and moral Maker, good

And true, of holy purpose would

Allow this world to burn and die

Whilst holding His name, proud and high?

I wish to sate my curiosity;

This world has far too much to see –

Is this too great a sin to Thee,

Oh Lord? Enough to burn eternally?

If that is so, then honestly,

You’ll never be the God of me.”

I thought it was a nice poem.

What is interesting is that the atheist seemed to think, ‘Yeah take that!’

However, I think this is exactly the problem with the struggle between believers and non-believers.  They don’t think they can coexist.  Yet when reading each poem, one gets a sense that each person is happy and has good, positive convictions by which they live their own life.  At the end of the day, each person needs to realize that their own ‘poem’ of their belief is their own and that they can coexist.  Why we feel we have to assert our ‘own’ is something we really need to consider


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3 Responses to Poetry and Religion

  1. God loves all people. He died for all. He expects us to love as he loves. I agree that we should not spurn those that disagree.

  2. deadondres says:

    Yes! Tolerance first! Being right second.

    • luckynumbertwo says:

      Wow. I didn’t expect my poem to make to someone’s blog at all…I thought I had lost it since I deleted that reddit account and took no steps to preserve it in any word document. Thanks for posting it up here; I have it saved now. If you’d like to discuss the contents of my poem further, then you can reach me via the email I used to submit this comment. Cheers!

      -Your Friendly Atheist

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