How to Use Active Philosophy

Welcome to Active Philosophy.  This is a multi-contributor blog attempting to tackle existence’s toughest questions.  More specifically, it examines how the process of answering these questions can make life better. Through research, discussion, and development we will shape this into a documentary.

What is active philosophy?

For the latest on the concept of active philosophy go visit the active philosophy page.

In a lot of ways, active philosophy is a cultural study of humanity. It asks a series of questions to a wide range of people covering many topics which include but are not limited to existence, emotion, awareness, senses, reality, decision-making, beliefs, and desires. The purpose is to discover how and why humans live the way they do.

The motivation for an active philosophy has come from what we believe is a general degradation of the human potential in recent history. Although we recognize the difficulties in forming a new society, we also realize that it is important to balance hope with reality and aspirations with circumstance. Human civilizations has progressed through many generations. It has accomplished many great feats; however these accomplishments do not justify the harm we have done to the environment, human rights, civil rights, and human expression.

Our attitude has to change. We seek to change it.

By developing progressive thoughts and ideas, we hope to produce a dynamic active philosophy applicable to anyone. One which will build a better society which values human creativity and honors the value of human production, one that understands the basics rights of individuals while nourishing competition, governed in a responsible and responsive manner.

What about the blog?

If you want to become a contributor, simply contact to sign up.

We know that the answers to our questions lie in centuries of human history (not to mention the millions of events unfolding as I type). Therefore the best approach to this complex task is collect ideas from a broad range of people.


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