Why the Fuck am I Doing This?

What motivates people? What makes us tick, what is the force that drives us to do what we do? It’s a question I’ve been thinking a lot about lately, and recently I’ve been realizing that if you try to find out, it’s more than likely that you’ll end up thinking introspectively, looking at yourself and wondering – why the fuck am I doing this? Imagine you asked a set of 100 people questions like, “what do you do for a living?”, “Why?”. The question itself would probably throw people off enough to get a great reaction and answer out of them, but it would almost definitely provoke some thoughts that most people don’t normally have. Using a diverse set of subjects would also be awesome, the responses from say – a doctor, a criminal defense lawyer, a soldier, a teacher, a writer – to a question of why they do what they do – would be a really interesting look at what forces push people to get up every day and use their brains and bodies. Biological instinct would also be a possibly interesting aspect to include as well. The human brain and body need movement, exercise, and training in order to function well – without movement our muscles deteriorate, without exercise our arteries become clogged with garbage, without training we can’t learn to talk, walk, feed ourselves, shit in a toilet, or read and write, and that’d definitely be something to consider when trying to analyze the driving forces of any given person. I’d ask a question about money – how important it is to them, and what they use it for – if they even have any. You could do a comparison between a homeless or impoverished person and a well off working person – juxtaposing and finding out where the line is drawn between being motivated by money, and being motivated by basic necessity.
I could go on forever with these questions, and there are millions of mitigating factors that effect people’s motivation to live and use their brains and bodies, but I think my main point is that after asking people all these questions, the really interesting and scary part would be to take a look at yourself, and ask yourself those same questions – being forced to weigh the importance and relevance of your daily activities, and lack thereof, in comparison with a diverse sample of other human beings who also live in a society, on earth, under governments and religious structures, in families and possibly born with all the same basic biological motivational instincts.

That’s all I got for now.


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3 Responses to Why the Fuck am I Doing This?

  1. activephilosophy says:

    This is a very interesting set of questions/vein of though. Especially right now I am asking myself exactly what I am doing and why the fuck I am not doing something else. However, I think part of the answer is that on some level everybody has to sacrifice something. Since we are social animals we all need to contribute to the society in which we live… so complete freedom may not be fundamentally available to humans.

  2. deadondres says:

    I have been trying to ask myself that throughout the day. A lot of times the answer is really hard to discern.

    I just walked into this room: WTF?!! Why are we always going and not staying? Why always doing and not being?

    Trying to analyze the motions makes me lean towards Freud’s belief that the subconscious is dominant over the conscious mind.

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