Alex Jones and Lou Dobbs

This is in response to We Are Not Alone

Don’t really know Alex Jones’ politics except that he is a so-called paleoconservative.  By this speech I would think he would reject that label however.  Which is exactly what I believe in as well.  He is practically an anarchist on the right.  Liberterians and anarchists/socialists can make a formidable combination.   They can agree on small government and limited corporate power.  Let’s ditch liberal conservative left right and reject those labels wholeheartedly.  Although sometimes Lou Dobbs stretches my appreciation for the capacities of human pettiness, his insistence that we should all register as independents is great.

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2 Responses to Alex Jones and Lou Dobbs

  1. I am Me I am Free says:

    Although I have not seen ‘Waking Life’ yet but after reading the transcribed 2 minute speech, I will definitely watch it!

    And yes indeed! There is quite obviously a global awakening is going on as more and more people hear the spiritual alarm clock and emerge from their mental and emotional slumbers, the terrestrial trance.

    I hope some day the world will live as One and our thoughts will become One as One Infinite Mind.

    Hope is a good thing to do. Keep up the great work!

  2. deadondres says:

    Thanks for stopping by! It’s exciting isn’t it?

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