Books And Justice

A book – meant to be read.  Ideas to be imparted.  Blueprints for a different world, proof of another soul.


Justice – I spoke of unverifiable impossibilities, is this not the same thing?  It is difficult to refute those that say: might makes rightPhysics rules everything around me.


Belief in such ideals is not tangible.  I find no phenomenal support for it – yet follow.  It is as though the mere suggestion of such a noble idea is enough; diffuse scent narrows into a trail.

This feeling – justice – seems to have been carved enigmatically into history as well.

Ecstatic crescendo flowing from a morose passage.  A fragile primal Dionysian undressing.  Revolutionary evolution.

Empathy and intuition reveal the path.  I lapse into the subconscious, and my conscious becomes the dream world – it can only enter in thin limpid rays.


I find that the subconscious mind is not terrifying, or lustful, or disempowering, but the opposite.  When I can recognize these fears I swat them aside like gnats.  Living in the “present“.

Logic yields, and the waters of perception and empathy flow forth, guiding morality.

We are ever grateful for this delicate vessel, granting passage through this limitless world.  Body temple.


The new pursuit is to avoid thinking overly at all.  We ought not DOUBT that we can effect the appearances.

Occam’s maxim applies here.

The peaceful enlightened blossoming of humanity at times seems forced, absurd, abstract.

But it emerges from the necessary framework of language.

If we were not convinced that others are as we are, we would not write.  We would stand mute.

Is logic truly an attempt to shape a reality that cannot be grasped?

Are books misleading?

Can we trust any facts?

Or merely through limited interwoven application?

It seems that the things we believe indeed become the world.

In this way, an active approach yields results.


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